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There was a moment when every Common Engines car was designed like the 2014 Chevy SS: big and powerful with rear-wheel generate. It's been nearly two decades since Chevy last used that formula on the Impala, and thank benefits it has began to do so again. The all-new SS is incredibly anachronistic, with a burly Corvette V8 motor under the bonnet and a unique concentrate on hedonistic driving.
That's not to say it is outdated; indeed, quite the other. The SS heralds a new era of high quality, craftsmanship and improvement for Chevy, sensation something like the United states comparative of a BMW 550i from behind the rim. A what? Five decades ago, who would have believed a straight-faced comparison between a BMW and a Chevy in the same phrase would be possible?
Model lineup
Based on a new edition of the Commodore automobile from GM's Merc department in Sydney, the SS is offered in only one edition and it is completely packed. Some will create a hassle over the car's $45,770 platform price, which is significant for a Chevy. The most expensive Chevy automobile by a lengthy taken, the SS expenses $6,760 more than the next priciest 4-door in the collection, the Impala LTZ. (It has a $995 distribution price and a $1,300 gas guzzler tax.) But the price is reasonable for what the SS offers: an LS3 V8 motor directly from the C6 Corvette; a innovative, rear-wheel-drive chassis with almost ideal bodyweight distribution; and high-end elements such as a braking mechanism program from Italian professional Brembo.
Then there are variety little luxuries and digital offerings, which usually price additional on other Chevys, such as a head-up show, an 8-inch touchscreen technology with routing, innovative speech recognition (including Siri Sight Free for The apple company iPhone), and high-intensity release headlamps with LED daytime running lighting. A sunroof for $900 and a full-size additional for $500 are the only two choices.
Color choices are restricted to the basics: dark, red, gold, white-colored and a greenish-gray known as Mystic Green. The Chevy SS looks particularly eye-catching in this last color; its wealthy, modest shade complements the car's moderate collections in a way other shades do not.
Under the hood
The 'Vette-sourced 6.2-liter 415-horsepower V8 motor and paddle-shifted 6-speed computerized are good for a 4.5-second zero-to-60-mph time. The program is sensitive, sonorous and a pleasure to rev with the SS's sleek, accurate accelerator your pedal. The only place where Chevy organised the SS returning is with the 6-speed automatic transmitting. It's very sleek, and when Game method is involved it keeps the motor on the steam by downshifting when you braking mechanism and having equipment more time under difficult speeding.
Where it lags is in shift periods. Moving the paddles behind the leader to shift up and down manually does provide the car owner more management, but traditional computerized signals such as the one in the SS basically can't coordinate the rate and perfection of so-called computerized guide gearboxes. On the other side, a traditional computerized functions better in frequent generating than computerized guides do. And for the kind of car owner who will buy the SS, that's essential.
Inner space
The internal of the 2014 Chevy SS is much like the exterior: classy and controlled. The feel is a cross between an elegant automobile and a muscular car. 
Nice information consist of silk metal completes on some nasty cut items, red sewing in the leather upholstery, and faux-suede places on the chairs, dash panel and gates. Maserati and Mercedes price big bucks for improving to artificial suede, so cheers to GM for making it conventional on the SS.
The leather-wrapped leader is beefy and curved like that of a activities car, such as the new Corvette C7. The set is pierced on the edges of the rim where your arms usually hold the most. This kind of simple, top high quality contact allows increase the personality of the Chevy SS beyond that of a regular family automobile.
Chevy contains a lot of useful management buttons and buttons on the middle program for heating and cooling and infotainment functions, which creates it simple to modify things like fan rate or radio stations system quantity. And the console does not appear messy.
Another plus is the huge touchscreen technology, with its top high quality and smooth design. It allows you to customize the desltop and certain other management buttons. However, the selection program can be slowly to respond, and some primary functions need moving through several choices. The primary routing structure is not as user-friendly as other techniques, such as Ford's Synchronize with MyFord Touch.
The Chevy SS got the 10-way power-adjustable front side chairs right. They stay relaxed after time of driving by stunning a outstanding stability between having one's body system and offering independence of activity, unlike some sport vehicles. The only problem is with the neck increases. They can stick you if you're not seated completely centered in the chair. The little winglets appear to be basically cosmetic; they offered no apparent assistance during cornering.
The returning chair is one of the biggest of any automobile available on the industry. Legroom is definitely extensive. Even the middle chair, which is often crowded and unpleasant in rear-drive vehicles due to the transmission tunnel below it, is incredibly flexible. It's the most relaxed returning middle chair of any sedan we've examined in the last season. Many 4-doors that declare to chair five really only bring four
comfortably. Not so with the SS.
There's also a lot of headroom in both front side and rear chairs. Trunk place area is outstanding, although the SS has two cubic legs less than the BMW 550i. There's that evaluation again.
On the road
In brief, the 2014 Chevy SS is the kind of car you just want to keep generating. From the comfortable seats to the experience of the leader in your arms to the outstanding external exposure, it greets from the begin.
The internal is so silent that it's difficult to listen to the eye-catching fatigue boost on start-up with the ms windows up. Thankfully, the engine's sexy audio spreads throughout the cottage under speeding.
Although the 6.2-liter giant gives the SS amazing speeding zero to 60 mph in less than five a few moments  it won't click your return. The SS is a huge car, so 415 horse energy and 415 lb-ft of torque are enough to create it experience quick, but not supercar quick. We averaged 17.5 mpg after an all-out run up and down a twisty hill street and returning through the town of Hand Rises, Calif. Not bad for such a efficiency monster, but certainly not the best among full-size vehicles.
Where the Chevy SS really stands out is in its stability and poise. This car moves through changes with much more grace than the brutish Avoid Charger SRT8.
There is a sensation of enhance and complexness in the car's every shift, yet it's a hoot for hooligans, too. The framework installation allows you perform with the car in ends. Jump midway into a lengthy convert, mash the gas pedal a little more complicated and the end dangles out, but only just a bit. Nearing the car's boundaries seems secure and secure, due partially to a lengthy time wheelbase and extensive monitor, which keep it placed.
GM technicians invested lots of your energy and effort adjusting the electronically helped energy guiding, and you can tell in how it reacts to feedback. The bodyweight is just about ideal  not too mild, not too huge. Chevy decided not to offer an flexible revocation on the SS to preserve price and complexness. While this definitely dollars the present pattern that even GM is following with automobiles such as the Buick Elegant GS, there is something to be said for not having to muck around with framework configurations.
Right for you?
Although it's simple to evaluate the Chevy SS to the BMW 550i, let's be honest: The two are not likely to get cross-shopped. But if you are a Chevy fan and really like muscular vehicles such as the Camaro but need the practicality of a automobile, then the SS is a no-brainer. It will not dissatisfy with regards to efficiency.
Anyone considering a Avoid Charger SRT8 and Chrysler 300C SRT8  which are this car's most direct competitors  would do well to look at the SS, especially those who value exclusivity. The SS, like its
two opponents, will be marketed in restricted figures. GM isn't saying exactly how restricted, but first-year revenue in the U.S. are not likely to go much over 5,000 models, according to one GM rep.

Does the Chevy SS coordinate a BMW 550i with regards to high-class and refinement? No. But it certainly offers near-luxury stages of fit, complete and functions. And its efficiency and managing abilities are certainly in league with Western sport vehicles charging much more.

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